Monogrammed Medicine

Personalized Precisely for You

The uniqueness of each individual is stitched into her DNA. Every thread reveals a distinct personal characteristic. Together, they create the fabric of who a woman is and determine every element of her health: her well-being, her tolerance for medication, her ability to overcome everything from the common cold to a complex disease. Yet, even the most carefully stitched fabric can become unraveled. When a slipped stitch leads to the development of cancer, the tumor weaves its own unique characteristics, its own pattern for survival.

Monogrammed Medicine Team Team members are: Christine McDonald, Patrick Kiel, PharmD.; Todd Skaar, Ph.D.; Milan Radovich, Ph.D.; Bryan Schneider, M.D.; Jeff Solzak, M.A.; Lang Li, Ph.D., and Mary Maxwell

Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer Research Laboratories researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine know that to improve breast cancer treatment, they must design therapies that consider both the genetics of the tumor and the woman it has invaded. Threading these intricate strands of information together will allow for therapies tailored to each patient — precision therapeutics that are best tolerated by the woman and that precisely target her tumor. This treatment is hers and hers alone; it is monogrammed exclusively for her.  The future of breast cancer care is Monogrammed Medicine, personalized precisely for you.

Cancer has traditionally been described by its organ of origin, but what we previously assumed to be a single cancer is not. Rather, under the umbrella of breast cancer are numerous distinct diseases.

While incremental strides have been made to identify the nuances of each sub-type, the treatment regimen has remained more or less the same: Cut out the cancer, and blast the patient with toxic drugs that kill healthy cells along with the bad ones. It is an imprecise science at a time when precision is demanded.

With the establishment of Monogrammed Medicine, Indiana University researchers are developing unique treatment models for women by analyzing both the genetics of the tumor and the woman.

Every woman’s treatment will be defined by the exact therapy that works best for her. Advances in our understanding of cancer make it clear that this type of customized treatment is what breast cancer care of the future must entail. Thanks to the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer’s unprecedented support, nowhere in the world is better positioned to lead this work than the breast cancer team at the Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center.

The future of breast cancer care is Monogrammed Medicine, personalized precisely for you.

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