Cancer Research Day

The IU Simon Cancer Center is currently accepting abstracts for posters to be presented at Cancer Research Day, which is Thursday, May 29.

Abstracts should be submitted for one of the following research categories: 

  • basic science
  • behavioral
  • population science/epidemiology
  • translational/clinical research

Abstracts will be divided and compared by the following groups within each research category:

  • clinical nurse
  • graduate student
  • medical student
  • post-doctoral/medical fellow
  • research technician
  • faculty (not eligible for cash award)

Cash awards will be given for best poster(s) in each research category, by group. A panel of judges will be assigned to review abstracts and posters by research category and group. Abstracts are due April 18. Submit your abstract. Questions? E-mail .

Individual laboratories may submit multiple abstracts; if space becomes limited, each laboratory will be asked to identify only one poster.

Cancer Research Day will take place at the IUPUI Campus Center, 420 University Blvd., Room CE 450 (Multi-Purpose Room). This year, Cancer Research Day will begin with a two-hour symposium on cognitive dysfunction with various speakers. Tim A. Ahles, Ph.D., of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, will deliver the keynote address. His research interest is on the cognitive effects of cancer treatment. Watch for further details.

Students, fellows and faculty conducting cancer research at IUPUI, Indiana University-Bloomington, Purdue University, and the Harper Cancer Research Institute, a collaboration between the IU School of Medicine and the University of Notre Dame, are eligible to participate in Cancer Research Day. The annual event aims to increase understanding and awareness of IU Simon Cancer Center research endeavors and encourage collaboration with other cancer research institutions in Indiana.