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Premixed combinations of beads are available to measure:

  • Human, mouse, and rat cytokines
  • Chemokines from serum, plasma, and cell culture supernatants

(NOTE: serum is strongly preferred over plasma. If plasma must be collected, please use EDTA or citrate or as the anticoagulant. DO NOT use heparin.)

Other applications include multiplex assays for:

  • Specific phosphorylation states and expression
  • Nucleic acids
  • SNP analysis
  • Pathogen detection
  • Strain typing
  • Haplotyping
  • Gene expression

If the specific combination of beads for your desired assay is not available, Bio-Rad offers beads coated with carboxyl groups (-COOH), which are ready to couple to your antibody, antigen, receptor, ligand, enzyme or nucleic acid of choice.

Each kit contains one 96-well plate capable of analyzing 78 samples in singlet or 39 samples in duplicate. Standards and blanks (run in duplicate) occupy 18 wells of each 96-well plate.


Bio-Plex 200 System with High Throughput Fluidics (HTF), including:

  • Bio-Plex array reader
  • Pro II Wash Station automatic plate washer, accommodating both magnetic or vacuum-based assays
  • Bio-Plex Manager Standard software
  • PC and monitor
  • Communication between user and Bio-Rad regarding kit selection, if needed
  • Assistance with experimental design, etc., through discussions with user and BioRad, if requested
  • Storage of kits purchased by users, if desired
  • Receipt and analysis of samples collected by users
  • All reagents & buffers required to run the samples (excluding kits)
  • Analysis of raw data and possible optimization of standard curves using vendor software
  • Delivery of data to user in an excel spreadsheet
  • Preparation of report including concentration of target(s) and standard curve fit