Shared Facilities

Therapeutic Validation


TVC scientists are experienced in a wide variety of in vitro biology skills and have the strong cancer biology expertise needed to develop appropriate pharmacodynamic assays to meet your translational research goals. We urge physician scientists to take full benefit of this expertise by contacting TVC ( the very early stages of the study to discuss how the core can help to meet your study objectives.

Examples of TVC services:

  • Consultation: TVC can provide assistance with literature review on correlative aspect, identification of appropriate assays and type of samples appropriate for the proposed assay, sampling frequencies, sample collection protocols, selection of assays, assay design and development of work plan (SOPs), budget, and feasibility analysis
  • Idea development for grant application
  • Assay development and optimization
  • Generation of preliminary data
  • Data analysis, preparation of publication quality figures and write-up of relevant sections of the manuscripts, grant proposals and research reports
  • Examples of in vitro assays include (but are not limited to):
    • Multi-parametric flow cytometry
    • Cytokine quantification and profiling (ELISA, ELIspot, Luminex assays)
    • Cell cycle analysis
    • FISH
    • Ex-vivo or in vitro cell-based assays (proliferation, cytotoxicity, apoptosis, colony formation)
    • Isolation of DNA/RNA/protein
    • Western blots
    • PCR/Q-PCR
    • microRNA detection and quantification

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