Flow Cytometry

The Flow Cytometry Resource Facility (FCRF) of the IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center supports the research efforts of members of the center. Flow cytometric services are integral and critical services for the research activities of many of the center's members. Given the large number of users of flow cytometric services, their continued reliance on these tools, and the growing need for specialized and more sophisticated technologies, the most economical, feasible, and effective way of providing these services is through a centralized common core. At present, the FCRF houses nine different instruments that offer multiple cytometric services, image flow analyses for a varied range of research projects.

Access to a comprehensive array of flow cytometric applications -- such as cell sorting both in bulk and as single cells, immunophenotypic analysis, and cell cycle analysis as well as genomic and metabolic regulation at the single cell level -- is an invaluable resource for basic and clinical research in cancer biology. As a centralized facility, the FCRF provides cancer center investigators advanced resources for analytical and investigational studies using state-of-the-art technologies. To achieve these goals, the FCRF has two specific aims:

Specific Aim 1: To provide outstanding, consistent, timely and economical multicolor analysis, cell sorting, image flow analysis and single cell genomics and proteomic analysis to all cancer center members to facilitate the conduct of their research in basic and clinical cancer research.

Specific Aim 2: To offer expertise to enhance the productivity of IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center members by providing advice and consultations on how investigations can best make use of the centralized and standardized cost-effective flow cytometric and other related services. This includes the exchange of protocols and results between investigators and advancing the distribution of scientific knowledge.