Flow Cytometry

Fee for Service Rates

Flow Cytometry Hourly Equipment Charges
(Effective July 1, 2022)

Equipment Internal IU faculty rates
External rates
Analyzer $61 $85
Sorter $138 $214
Image Stream $357 $375

If you are a cancer center member, please contact Kristina Taylor at kristtay@iu.edu or 317-274-3893, for additional rate information.

If you wish to use the IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center Flow Cytometry services, please fill out the following authorization form.

If you are already authorized, you can use the scheduling system to make a reservation here: Flow Facility Scheduler.

Core Policies
  • 5.18.1 Policies on Operation and Use of the FCRF

    The FCRF is located on the third floor of Walther Hall (R3) in a 1,200-square-foot laboratory, centrally located on campus for most investigators who utilize this facility. The FCRF operates via a sharing arrangement giving every user an equal opportunity for scheduling on a first-come-first-served basis. All instruments have scheduled maintenance and quality control performed by the staff Monday through Friday prior to the first appointments

    The personnel of the FCRF conduct one-on-one training sessions, upon request, on the use of the analyzers. This brings users to a level of confidence and competence that allows them to operate independently and after hours when the facility is not staffed.

    In general, proficient users who are capable of running their own samples on any of the analyzers are permitted to do so after normal hours of operation on a first-come-first-served basis. Researchers who are unable to operate the analyzers independently are assisted by an operator by appointment. Proficiency" here is judged by the facility manager who will spend the necessary time to train researchers on how to operate the analyzer, identify problems, and troubleshoot simple situations, providing them with adequate instruction on careful, responsible use of these instruments.

    This allows the staff to perform other duties (primarily cell sorting) while remaining in the facility ready to assist whenever the need arises. This also provides individual researchers with the freedom to run their samples and collect data as they see appropriate.

    Access to the FCRF after hours is controlled by magnetic ID cards so the FCRF always has a log of anyone entering the facility at any time. Logging in on any instrument generates another record for the history of FCRF instrument usage at all times.

    Scheduling of any time slot (for analysis or sorting) within facility hours of operation is done on a first-come first-served basis using a computerized web-based system accessible form any computer connected to the internet. To use an instrument, users log on to a computerized web-based system to track the usage schedule of each instrument in the FCRF. The system also requires entry of relevant data about the sample being analyzed or sorted.

    Users log out after completion of work and the session is terminated. The system will then automatically and accurately calculate the time spent by a given user on a particular instrument and charge an existing account the appropriate charge back fees. A detailed bill is generated monthly and sent to the user / PI showing the total number of hours used, the user who was billed at every session (if more than one user logs on to the same account), the length (in minutes) of every session, the instrument used every session (all analyzers have the same rates and all sorters have the same rates), and the total dollar amount charged. A list of current fees for all instruments can be found here. Any discrepancies in this billing mechanism can be brought to the attention of the FCRF for appropriate action and possible adjustments.

    Scheduled time that is not used and not cancelled within a 24 hour advance notice will be charged at the manager s discretion to the user at up to100% of the hourly rate for that instrument. The user and corresponding PI will be notified of any assessed fees at the time of the occurrence. Special exceptions may be granted after discussing the particulars of a given no show with the FCRF personnel. The FCRF staff is always available for consultation with any user of the facility regarding any aspect of the services provided and results obtained from any instrument in the core. In particular, the director is personally responsible and responsive to the needs of users who are planning new experiments, testing a new flow cytometric assay, analyzing data or interpreting results. It is the policy of the FCRF to continue consulting with a user until a problem is completely resolved or a new technique has been purged from potential difficulties and is generating meaningful and interpretable data.

  • 5.18.2 Biosafety Practices Policies

    The IUSCC FCRF is a BSL2 facility only. No live competent virus or BSL3 or greater agent can be transported, analyzed, or sorted in this facility. Closed lab coats and disposable gloves are required to be worn while operating an instrument. All sample tubes must be capped and transported to the lab within sealed containers. In order for online reservations to be approved, the biosafety level (BSL) of the cells and whether fixed or not must be entered in the Summary box of the Scheduler for each appointment made. Unfixed BSL2 cells must have an IBC protocol approval number entered in the Summary box. The FCRF room number (R3 C360) must be included in the protocol as a destination for these cells. Please submit the protocol to the IBC for approval if you have not included the specific intent to use flow cytometry.
  • 5.18.3 Specific fees and actions which may be incurred

    • More than 24-hour cancellation incurs no fee
    • Less than 24-hour cancellation incurs full fee for scheduled reservation
    • Time for sorters will be billed based on the time reserved minus one hour or time used, whichever is longer. (e.g. Reserved two hours but used only one hour will be charged for one hour; Reserved four hours but used only one hour will be charged for three hours)

     Extenuating circumstances

    The following circumstances will allow for waving the less than 24-hour cancellation fee:

    • Clinical samples not arriving
    • Other circumstances are open for discussion with the core director and manager
  • 5.18.4 Publication and FCRF Acknowledgement

    The personnel of the FCRF do not expect any of the users to include them as co-authors on their publications. Co-authorship of FCRF personnel on any publication generated from the use of the FCRF is completely at the discretion of the user and should happen only if the user feels that FCRF personnel contributed conceptually or intellectually to the success of the work. However, we expect every user to acknowledge the FCRF and the funds that make the FCRF operation possible in their publications. Please use the following wording for this acknowledgement:

    The authors thank the members of the Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center Flow Cytometry Resource Facility for their outstanding technical support. This work was supported in part by -------------. The Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center Flow Cytometry Resource Facility is funded in part by NIH, National Cancer Institute (NCI) grant P30 CA082709 and National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) grant U54 DK106846. The FCRF is supported in part by NIH instrumentation grant 1S10D012270.

  • After Hours Sorting Assessment

    The Flow Cytometry Resource Facility is trying to assess the need for after hours sorting services in an attempt to accommodate reasonable requests from users. If you believe your scientific investigations dictate such a need, please contact Andrew Canciamille, M.S., or Dr. Zhou to discuss the specifics of your request and to give us a chance to examine other options or alternatives. Please be aware that if warranted, arrangements for after-hours sorting have to be scheduled in advance to provide the FCRF personnel enough time to offer this service.