Flow Cytometry


Since the inception of this facility, there have been many requests for new services and new techniques have been added. The personnel and instrumentation available at the facility are capable of performing virtually any flow cytometric assay requested by IU Simon Cancer Center investigators.

Available instrumentation includes:

Multispectral Imaging Flow Cytometer:

  • Amnis Image StreamX MKII


  1. BD LSRFortessa (X-20)
    • 3 lasers (407, 488, 630)
    • 2 light scatter parameters
    • 11 colors
  2. BD LSR II (LSR4)
    • 4 lasers (407, 488, 561, 630)
    • 2 light scatter parameters
    • 16 colors
  3. BD LSRFortessa (Fortessa)
    • 4 lasers (407, 488, 561, 630)
    • 2 light scatter parameters
    • 16 colors


  1. BD FACSAria
    • 3 lasers (407, 488, 630nm)
    • 2 light scatter parameters
    • 10 colors
  2. BD SORP Aria
    • 5 lasers (355, 405, 488, 552, and 637nm)
    • 2 light scatter parameters
    • 15 colors
  3. BD FACSAria Fusion
    • 4 lasers (405, 488, 561, 640nm)
    • 2 light scatter parameters
    • 16 colors

Available services include:

  1. Multiparameter (up to 16 colors) immunofluorescence analysis and cell sorting
  2. DNA content and cell cycle analysis
  3. Simultaneous immunofluorescence and cell cycle analysis
  4. Single cell sorting
  5. Cell sorting (bulk or single cells) based on position of cells in cell cycle
  6. Apoptosis analysis (Annexin V/PI, Caspase, TUNEL and other assays)
  7. BrdU incorporation
  8. Viability assays
  9. Chromosome analysis (univariate and bivariate)
  10. Receptor - ligand interactions
  11. Kinetic analyses
  12. Off-line data analysis

To cite Flow Cytometry instrumentation in papers and grants, you may include the following addresses:

BD Biosciences
2350 Qume Drive
San Jose, CA  95131-1807

Amnis Corp. (part of EMD Millipore)
645 Elliott Ave. W., Suite 100
Seattle, WA 98119

Proteomics and genomics services are also available.

Proteomics Services

CyTOF2 Mass Cytometer

The CyTOF2 Mass Cytometer utilizes atomic mass spectrometry to simultaneously detect more than 40 metal-conjugated markers to allow for multi parameter analysis of single cells while eliminating spectral overlap encountered with traditional flow cytometry. For more information on mass cytometry, visit  fluidigm.com/products/helios.

Genomics Services

C1: The C1 is an automated system that allows you to load already purified single cells to generate templates for RNAseq or Specific Target Amplification in nanoliter volumes using integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs). For more information, visit https://www.fluidigm.com/products/c1-system.

Juno: The Juno combines thermal cycling and microfluidic control to allow genotyping from low sample amounts of DNA. High-throughput processing allows for 96 SNPs from 96 samples to be analyzed in under three hours. The instrument also acts as a liquid handler to load all gene expression IFCs. For more information, visit https://www.fluidigm.com/products/juno.

Biomark HD: The Biomark HD carries out high-throughput gene expression analysis by performing real-time qPCR on 96 different cDNA samples for 96 different genes in low volume IFCs. For more information, visit https://www.fluidigm.com/products/biomark-hd-system.