To better connect IU’s 250 cancer experts with our community, we’ve launched “Simon Says Expert Series,” a monthly virtual event where you’ll have the opportunity to hear from cancer center experts about various topics and ask your questions.


The next Simon Says event, Get a Move on Cancer: Impact of Physical Activity in Prevention, Treatment and Survivorship, will be at 7 p.m. ET Tuesday, September 21. 

There are many impactful benefits to being physically active before, during and after a cancer diagnosis. Unlike many medications, exercise may not only delay cancer progression or reoccurrence, but also improve quality of life and help patients feel better. Exercise reduces the incidence and severity of many cancer-related side effects such as pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety and nerve damage. Despite these benefits, it is difficult for patients experiencing cancer to know how to improve their physical activity and functional levels.  

In this Simon Says session, Tarah Ballinger, MD, breast oncologist and exercise researcher, will discuss exercise benefits and best practices to help cancer patients participate. Melissa Sherman, MPH, certified cancer exercise trainer and IU doctoral student studying exercise oncology, will moderate the event. (Download the flyer.)

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Coming up next month

Breast Cancer & Black Women: Research to Reduce Disparities

1 p.m. ET Thursday, Oct. 28

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